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Grand Master Sami Kiblawi

Date of birth October 1, 1960
Marital Status Married; Four children ( Rocky 1980- Louay 1989)&(Noura-Anna 2008)
Academic Achievement Lebanese Baccalaureat- Part 2. Diploma in Physical Education
Height 186 cm
Weight 95 Kgs


  • Silver Merit Medal granted by the Lebanese President of the Republic in recognition for his efforts to structure combat sports within the military institutions and civilian circles in Lebanon.(2006)
  • Silver Educational Medal for his achievements in sports in international circles (1984)
  • Certificate of Honor from the Director General of the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon in appreciation for his efforts to train the Special Units of the ISF (2003).
  • Nominated by the Lebanese Council of Ministers, and upon the recommendation of the Minister of Interior, as an expert and trainer of the Special Forces at the Ministry of Interior (2004)
  • Awarded the degree of a special instructor of "Personal Bodyguards" at the Leinburg Institute for Security Services in Shtutgart-Germany (1995)

Major Achievements to date

Kick Boxing

  • Pioneer of kick Boxing in Lebanon in 1979 and the founder of the Lebanese Kick Boxing Federation where he acted as the General Secretary (1989-1993).
  • Official representative of the World Association for Kick Boxing Organizations (WAKO)in the Middle East ( 1989-to date).
  • Elected in 1999, in Italy, as a VP to the chairman of WAKO, he was then re-elected in Paris in 2003 for a second term.
  • Member of the Executive Board and Middle East Commissioner at WAKO.
  • Founder of the Arab Federation for Kick Boxing Organizations ( AFKO) in Budapest (1993)and elected as President (1993-1997).

Muay Thai ( Thai Boxing )
Pioneer of MuayThai in Lebanon and the middleast.

  • Founder of the Lebanese Muay Thai Federation in 1998 and elected as General Secretary (1998- to date).
  • Elected in 1997 in Thailand as VP to the Chairman of the Asian Muay Thai Federation (FAMA), he was then re-elected for a second term twice,in Fukhet during the 1rst Asian Indoor Games in 2005,in Macauw during the 2nd Asian Indoor Games in 2007.
  • Commissioner of the World Muay Boran Federation(WMBF) for the Arab Region.
  • Elected as a member of the Executive Baord of the WMF) during the 7th World Championship in Chyang Mai(2004).
  • Founded the Arab Muay Thai Federation and was elected as a General Secretary (2004- to date).

Sports management

  • Assisted in the initiation and establishment of the Palestinian, Iraki and Syrian both kick Boxing and Muay Thai Federations.
  • Invited as an expert to organize a number of training and management seminars in a multitude of countries in the Middle East and Europe.
  • Acted as an advisor to a number of high ranked officials in Lebanon and was assigned for a considerable number of years to date to develop the capacities and skills of special tactical units in the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces.
  • Trainer of the Kick boxing and Muay Thai teams of both the American University of Beirut and the Lebanese American University (1980-to date).
  • Owner of SHOGUN sports club (established in 1980)considered as the house of Kick Boxing and Muay Thai in Lebanon. 

Athletic Performance

  • Black belt- 8  dan (2001)
  • National Title holder
  • First Class Category trainer ( 1977 ) and referee ( 1979 )
  • Represented Lebanon various World Championships events


  • Certified trainer form the National Russian Boxing Academy, Moscow ( 1997 )
  • First Class Category trainer ( 1989 )
  • National Title holder ( 1984 - 1985 )

Kick Boxing

  • National Title holder ( 1980 &1981 )
  • Holder of the heavy weight title in the World Championship in Malasia ( 1984 )
  • First Class Category trainer and referee ( 1989 )
  • Holder of a Black Belt -8 dan ( 1999 ) awarded by the WAKO and the Greek,French, Algerian, Tunisian and Jordanian Federations.
  • Trainer of the Lebanese National Kick Boxing team ( 1980-1993 )
  • Headed the Lebanese Delegation 23 times to participate in the various world, european and arab competitions.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

  • Certified Chief Instructor ( 1996 ) by the IAMTF
  • Awarded the degree of Arjan ( Master ) ( Ayoutthaya - 2001 ) and international trainer ( 2005 )
  • Certified First Class Category trainer of Muay Thai by the Lebanese Academy within the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Certified as an International Thai Boxing Referee by the IAMTF ( 1997 )
  • Trainer of the Lebanese National Thai Boxing team   ( 1996-to date ).  

7th Eshtibak Training camp(level 1,2 & 3)
Eshtibak Institute Opening