What is Eshtibak ?


Eshtibak is a tactical combat system, founded by Grand Master Sami Kiblawi and Mr. T H.
Eshtibak system includes five levels, with three main categories of technique:

  1. Punching, kicking, elbows, and knees technique (based on Muay Thai )
  2. Tactics of engagement in close distance fights, including grapping, clinching, throwing, and attacking the pressure points (standing). Attacking, grapping, pinning, and breaking (ground fighting)
    (derived from Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Wrestling, , and Muay Thai)
  3. Techniques in using and disarming gun, knife, and bat, trained in military and Special Forces training
    (derived from Kali, Jujitsu, and military expertise)

Any man or woman, from different age groups, social status, and physical abilities can participate in Eshtibak courses to gain experience in self defense, and reality fighting skills. Moreover itís ideal for field professionals working in security services (body guards, and security personnel), military and police forces to enhance their fighting abilities and field combat skills.

History of Eshtibak:

Master Sami Kiblawi spent the last three decades of his career in training civilians and military & Police forces.
First, sports and martial arts, in which he achieved the highest ranks, starting by karate to free wrestling, boxing, jujitsu, aikido, kick boxing, and finally muay thai, and he was the pioneer in introducing many of these sports and martial arts into Lebanon&Arab ountries. Moreover he coached and trained, and still, the military forces in the Lebanese ARMY( special forces units), and anti-terrorism forces of the Lebanese internal security forces ,POLICE.

Nevertheless, Master Sami is the founder and owner of Shogun Club, in which he trains hundreds of athletes every year, among these is Mr. T HÖ who is a famous businessman, and A- class  sportsman, he, as well, trained in private classes with Master Sami Kiblawi for the last four years, and he currently is the vice-president of Shogun Club. In addition, Shogun Club is the mother club of kick and thai boxing in Lebanon and the Arab world since 1980.

Please refer to Shogun Club site on the internet: www.shogun-lb.com
Based on Mr. T H former expertise in the domain of martial arts, and his enrollment in many military-based and self-defense seminars in London, and all over Europe, and out of his belief in the abilities of his trainer and friend Master Sami Kiblawi, he presented the idea of founding a reality based tactical combat system which they called Eshtibak, in order to spread Master Samiís knowledge and broaden his spectrum to include all over Lebanon, the Arab region, and eventually the whole world.

Moreover Mr. T H sponsored the idea financially, and in a short duration of time they managed to launch Eshtibak in Lebanon, and they took a picture of two ancient Sumerian fighters fighting at a close distance (a picture of over four thousand years BC of age from ancient Babel) to be the symbol of the new system.

Master Kiblawi organized the first Eshtibak Seminar, Level I on 14-15 July 2007, in Barouk Cedars, Mount Lebanon, in which 45 man and woman, both civilians and military took part, and it was the Flame  start of Eshtibak, the reality tactical combat system.

A legalized, official Eshtibak institute will be established, headed by Master Kiblawi as a president, Mr. T H as a vice president, and others as members.



7th Eshtibak Training camp(level 1,2 & 3)
Eshtibak Institute Opening